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Matt Ryan

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Matt Ryan January 15th, 2017

With a 2017 MVP candidate leading your team into the playoffs, you can be sure that they are going to put up a fight. With Matt Ryan, who is a 2017 MVP candidate(and in my opinion the person who should win the award), you better bring your best game because the Falcons are going to be very hard to beat with an outstanding offense with Matt Ryan leading. Matt Ryan has had ,controversially, his best season ever in the NFL. Coming out of a season where they went 8-8 and one of Matt Ryan's worst seasons in the NFL and then to come out all guns firing, and have a record of 11-5 this season, you can say that Matt Ryan is back to his old self. Photo By:

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Title description, December 28, 2016

Since Week 17 of the NFL has ended and the playoffs have started, the first 20 picks of the draft order have been set. There may be trades to he give a team an extra pick, so I will update this page when the order has been updated.

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